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Quintara® is a software product that allows users to access their e-mail, calendar, and notes via a secure web-based interface. Quintara leverages the powerful features native to the OpenVMS operating system, while providing a secure environment for users to access their e-mail from anywhere on the Internet.
Quintara® also includes Quintara SMTP, a powerful back-end SMTP server that supports flexible message handling rule sets, address and node aliases, and distribution list processing.

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Quintara is ideally suited to specialty environments where reliable and simple e-mail access is required. E-mail resides on the server, not on client computers or devices, so it is always accessible by the user from any modern web browser, anywhere on the Internet, anytime. It's a perfect solution for managing e-mail for:

  • Universities and education
  • First-responder agencies
  • Small businesses

Key Features

Quintara offers a number of exciting features for accessing e-mail via the web, while leveraging the rock-solid stability and reliability of the HPE OpenVMS operating system:

  • Easy-to-learn intuitive user interface
  • Fast server-based execution
  • View text and HTML-formatted messages
  • Printer-friendly display mode allows easy printing of messages
  • Monospace and proportional-space message font
  • Send up to four binary file attachments per message using industry-standard MIME encoding
  • Selectable self-copy, CC, and blind CC options on message send
  • Save composed messages as drafts for later editing or sending
  • Integrated spell check with personal dictionary support
  • Receive messages with binary file attachments, automatic virus scanning standard, attachment count limited only by available account disk quota
  • Reply-to messages, including adding up to four file attachments
  • Forward messages (with original attachments intact)
  • Delete messages individually or in ranged groups
  • Organize messages with user-created folders
  • Powerful message search capabilities, including message body search, logical selection of criteria, and flexible date ranges
  • Personal address book services, including simple contact import and export from traditional desktop e-mail software, supporting comma and tab delimited import files
  • Personal group distribution lists make collaboration easy
  • Mass-mailing list support for easy classroom, workgroup, and sales distribution list management
  • User-defineable 'tagline' or personal name
  • User-defineable signature
  • Automated external delivery of valid new messages to PDA, pager, or handheld device. No junk on your PDA!
  • Support for smart phones and tablets through SMTP-AUTH and POP3
  • User-configurable date and time formats include ISO format
  • Robust multi-level authentication scheme protects privacy
  • Works with popular modern browsers
  • Minimal cookie use and Javascript usage
  • No Java applets
  • Simple web-based system administration and account management, no special training required to become a system administrator.
  • Flexible product support services available

Extended Features

Quintara is now more than just web-based e-mail. Quintara now includes powerful personal productivity tools like personal calendaring, a personal notebook, and a personal file share all to make your life easier and more productive.

  • Integrated spam filtering based on adaptive personal whitelist and user defined message criteria, including real-time blocklists, message header characteristics, and other criteria.
  • Safe HTML preview allows you to investigate the HTML code contained in an e-mail message before it is interpreted by your browser, helping you avoid phishing and identity-theft exploits.
  • Personal calendar. Provides flexible year, month, week, day, and event views, and simple Acrobat PDF downloads of calendar views.
  • Calendar is iCalendar-compliant and interoperates with industry-standard calendars.
  • Personal notes tool. Allows you to write and store short text notes for later reference. Notes can be organized by category and searched by text, category, or date, or shared with colleagues via e-mail.
  • Personal file share. Upload files securely to your own web-based file share, allowing you to access commonly used documents, images, and other files from anywhere.

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Supported Platforms

Quintara runs on most HPE Integrity systems running current versions of OpenVMS and a supported TCP/IP transport layered product. Contact us for information about specific configurations.

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Availability and Pricing

Quintara V1.9T is the current release.

If you are ready to purchase Quintara, or if you would like to evaluate Quintara and work with our development team as a fast-feedback test site, please contact us today at 1 (888) 456-0400.

The distribution package includes the software CD-ROM with the software and product documentation, hardcopy documentation, product license, and support package with one year of free software updates. Product update service and support are renewable annually for a small fee.

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Quintara is very affordable. Pricing is based on concurrent user count. Packages are available in concurrent user counts as small as 256 users.


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