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Products & Services
+ Quintara® web-based e-mail and personal productivity server for HP OpenVMS

Brilliant Systems has developed a powerful and feature-rich web-based messaging and personal productivity solution based on our flagship Quintara® web-based e-mail server for HP OpenVMS. The Quintara solution integrates web-based e-mail with spam filtering and virus scanning, a personal address book, calendaring, and powerful system administration tools, together into one seamless web-based solution.

Quintara is available as a standalone software-only distribution for installation on existing customer hardware, or is available as part of a complete turnkey packaged solution that includes hardware, software, and installation support, called QUINTARA® Secure Server.

Brilliant Systems also offers system management services to assist customers in migrating from traditional host-based messaging environments to the new Quintara web-based messaging solution, powered by HP OpenVMS and reliable HP hardware.

Quintara is supported on the HP OpenVMS operating system on HP Integrity and HP AlphaServer computers.

+ Operational Continuity: Temporary Site Power

Brilliant maintains its own fleet of generators for temporary site power during emergencies and to support maintenance operations involving contigency equipment such as permanently-installed generators and transfer switchgear.

+ Operational Continuity: Offsite Data Storage/Services Hosting

Brilliant Systems can provide your organization with secure, highly-available offsite data storage and server hosting solutions. Solutions can be as simple as offsite containerized storage of your backup media or as complex as automatically scheduled daily backup or file transfer and storage, combined with optional server contingency hosting. Your critical server hardware or VPN equipment can be hosted at our data center, ready to be accessed remotely in the event of a disaster at your site.

Are you ready for the next major fire, earthquake, severe thunderstorm or flood? Give us a call, we can help you proactively plan for the worst by working with the best!

+ NETWORKunity® infrastructure services

Our NETWORKunity® services group designs, builds, tests, and supports physical networks, routers and switchgear, and installed cable and fiber systems. Whether planning a new building project, expanding a data center, or just remodeling existing office space, we can help you manage your infrastructure needs. We can also provide precision electrical demolition services to decommission existing data centers and office space.

+ Embedded technologies

Brilliant Systems is involved in research and devlopment projects to establish new ways to use networking technology, including embedded TCP/IP appliances based on the industry-standard 8051 microcontroller core.  

+ ResponderIQ® FIREQWIZ® Fire Safety Education System

Brilliant Systems offers an innovative fire safety education system based on a purpose-built standalone mulimedia system. FIREQWIZ® allows fire department personnel to conduct core concept fire safety education presentations in school settings. FIREQWIZ® is part of the evolving ResponderIQ® solutions family.

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