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Embedded Technologies
Microprocessor and Mixed-Signal Technology Development

Brilliant Systems has an active new-technology development program. Serveral products under ongoing development include an embedded Ethernet-capable network server and connectivity products and devices that use MP3 audio technology.

Presently, three major projects exist, some of which may become open-source projects to speed their contribution to the world:

  • Vallejo(TM), an embedded TCP/IP server based on the Intel 8051-core microcontroller. Vallejo runs a Brilliant Systems-designed real-time operating system with TCP/IP communications support, and can be configured to work with a wide variety of telemetry and monitoring devices, deployable in a variety of emerging Internet of Things (IoT) applications.
  • ZonePatch(TM) FR, a microprocessor-controlled audio router and distribution amplifier for first responder radio and voice premise signalling.
  • ZonePatch(TM) Radio Adapter, a passive coupling adapter that provides a balanced line level audio signal from the speaker terminals of first responder radio equipment (such as the Harris M-803) lacking a dedicated line level audio output. ZonePatch Radio Adapter is connected inline with existing external radio speaker and provides an impedance-matched adjustable speaker volume and electrically-isolated balanced signal output. No modifications to radio or existing external speaker connection are required.
  • ZonePatch(TM) BT, an integrated first-responder signal generator for signal tone generation over VHF and UHF radio systems. Supports most common tone formats including single and dual-tone formats, as well as user-configurable formats.

You can always find updated information about our projects on this page, as new developments arrive.

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